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Find The Right Fragrance For You

1. Perfume brands are all over the market. But having a fancy perfume bottle isn’t just enough! What you need is the right
perfume that best describes your personality. Yes! Your perfume expresses a lot about your attitude. Choosing the right
fragrance demands a thorough understanding of your own style. It sounds tough but finding the perfect smell for you isn’t
all that difficult. Read on.

2. Understanding the occasion is very important. There are perfume brands and colognes that are specially designed for
different time of the day. All you need to do is decide on which time of the day you want to wear it, whether it is for office
during the day, or for casual evenings and parties. It is always advisable to choose lighter scents for the day time and
the intense fragrances for evenings and night.

3. Another important factor to consider is the budget you have to buy the perfume. Its good to have a clear understanding
on what is the amount you want to spend. If you go on selecting a perfume before deciding on the budget, chances are
that you get carried away with the various mesmerizing fragrances and end up spending much more than you thought of.

4. Move on to finding the fragrance family. Every fragrance fall into a family category such as Woody, Spicy, floral, fresh etc.
Choosing a perfume family purely depends on the choice of an individual. Some just like to wear the smell on themselves
while some use them as a stimulator to their olfactory receptors. Once you’re done with the fragrance family, half the job
is done. You can filter the family you’re looking for, this will make your shopping fast and easy.

5. Once you are finished with making the decision to buy the fragrance, don’t forget to check how it reacts on your body.
Different circumstances and body types reacts to a fragrance differently. Depending on the existing weather, body conditions,
temperature etc., the fragrance might smell in a different way. Also, it is advisable not to smell more than 3 fragrances
at a time. Your nose gets de-sensitized if you smell many fragrances and you won’t be able to differentiate between
two smells. Its good to take a “coffeebeans break” at such a time. Smelling coffee beans clears your nose. In case you
can’t find coffee beans, just smell your sleeve or cuffs and you’ll be ready to smell the next fragrance.

6. Your love for a smell might not last for a lifetime. A fragrance you’re in love with today might as well end giving you
a headache someday. Look out for different fragrances and keep experimenting. The world of fragrance is ever evolving.
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Find The Right Fragrance For You
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